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The Gift Label Wash & Shine Body Wash - Shrimp's House

The Gift Label Wash & Shine Body Wash

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Mandarin musk scented body wash.

Size 1000ml
Materials 100% vegan ingredients.
Care Suitable for sensitive skin.

Made in Holland, this natural body wash is sulphate and dye-free, 100% vegan, and comes in a huge 1 litre, 100% recycled plastic bottle with a dreamy mandarin musk scent.

Great for all skin types this body wash be kind and gentle on your skin, leave it feeling soft and cared for and smelling delicious. 

Given the size of this 1 litre (1000 ml) whopper of a bottle, you'll be pretty much set for a good few months before having to purchase a refill. Which, in the long run, reduces the need for more plastic, saves you money and aids towards sustainability, bonus!