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The Gift Label Merci Hand Lotion - Shrimp's House

The Gift Label Merci Hand Lotion

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Kumquat & bourbon vanilla scented hand moisturiser.

Size 250ml
Materials 100% vegan ingredients.
Care Suitable for sensitive skin.

Is it just us, or do your hands always end up getting dried out and feeling a bit sad by the end of the day from constant washing? 

Our new hand lotion from The Gift Label might just be the remedy to that problem! It will not only keep your hands silky soft, but the fun labels make any bathroom, kitchen or utility look a bit cooler.

This rich and moisturising hand lotion has the most delicious kumquat & bourbon vanilla scent; it's also 100% vegan and comes in a 100% recycled plastic bottle - so life is sweet!


Hand Lotion is 250ml.